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Physio-led exercise programs for the disability sector

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Who we are 


We are a branch of LifeStrong Physiotherapy dedicated to working with individuals living with disabilities, and are passionate about accessible and inclusive healthcare. Our mission is to address the barriers that many disabled adults face in meeting physical activity guidelines while empowering those in support roles to provide a greater level of care.



What we do 


We work with day services to implement physio-led group exercise programs with an individualised format. Our sessions are based on 4 principles of exercise – FLUTTAS (Functional Limb Use, Trunk Control, Transfers & Ambulation and Stretching). We aim to embed ourselves within the team, to be a source of support and collaborate with you on matters relating to the participant’s wellbeing.


Why we do it


The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) reported in 2022 that almost three-quarters of Australians aged 15 and over with disabilty do not complete enough physical activity. This compares with about half of those without disability, highlighting a real shortfall in care for this section of our community. We believe that as physiotherapists, we are well positioned to address this problem by implementing exercise programs that are safe, specific and make a positive impact on the health and well-being of participants.


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Our Process

  • Initial individual assessments over 2 sessions (information gathering from support staff, speaking to families, and conducting physical assessments of each participant).
  • Collaborative formulation of a group exercise program with the centre.
  • Shared-cost access to physiotherapy.
  • 3 hour sessions with 4-6 participants.
  • Up-skilling of support staff for continuation of exercise during the week.
  • Ongoing communication with carers, centre and families.


More information?


Phone: 03 8712 0941