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LifeStrong Physiotherapy & Health Services was built on a vision of providing principled health care to families and locals of Chelsea and surrounding suburbs.



An initial assessment involves a thorough investigation into your condition to determine a diagnosis, severity of the condition, appropriate management and time taken to recover.

This process is comprised of a series of questions about the injury and a detailed physical examination. We encourage asking questions of the Therapist to ensure a full understanding of the situation, and to enable you to make an informed decision moving forward.


Should a treatment be indicated, your Therapist will explain to you exactly what is required and how this will achieve your long term outcome.

Treatment may involve a combination of any of the following; joint mobilisation, manual therapy, spinal adjustment, remedial massage, dry needling, taping, bracing, orthotics, stretching and strengthening exercises.

Our Difference

We recognise no two people are alike, so we aim to tailor a return to function program that is designed to fit into your lifestyle yet achieve a long term result.

Our management plans are all goal focused, whether it be to run a marathon or simply have a better night’s sleep. Possibly involve a combination of an exercise rehab or Clinical Pilates class; regular follow up appointments or a home exercise program.


Our philosophy dictates that the service is not just for the time spent in the rooms, but for the entire duration of an injury.

We encourage clients to phone in if they require support, whether it’s to determine whether ice or heat is preferred, for clarification on their home exercise program or even to update us on how they went on how their weekend football match went.


Experienced in sports injuries, pediatrics, aged care, and workplace injuries, Daniel brings care and compassion to all of his clients.

Outside of the health centre Daniel’s passion for community and education has seen him work with the top VFL teams and train the next generation of physiotherapists, tutoring at Monash University.

Working on the cutting edge of physiotherapy Daniel is always striving to incorporate new research into his practice.

Daniel Beckman

Principle Physiotherapist & Director

Lyndal McNamara is a vibrant young dietitian who works part time as a research dietitian at Alfred Hospital whilst consulting privately 2 days per week for LifeStrong. Lyndal and has a special interest in food intolerances, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and other gastrointestinal conditions. Lyndal sees patients with a breadth of issues including for weight control, chronic disease management, treatment of hypertension and high cholesterol as well as for overall health optimisation through healthy dietary advice.

Lyndal McNamara

Specialist IBS Dietitian

Dominic Sanó graduated with a Bachelor of Podiatry (B.Pod) from La Trobe University. As Dominic has a particular interest and passion in the fields of lower limb biomechanics, management of musculoskeletal sporting injuries, he has undertaken significant further education in these areas.

Dominic’s extensive knowledge in biomechanics and lower limb sports injuries was further developed in senior podiatry roles with the Royal Australian Navy (HMAS Cerberus) and the Royal Australian Air Force (East Sale). Dominic is still currently working with medical and physiotherapy staff in lower limb and foot musculoskeletal injury prevention and injury management for members of the Navy at HMAS Cerberus.

Running footwear technology is another area of interest for Dominic as he has previously worked in the footwear industry giving him an in depth understanding of different types of footwear. Dominic is also experienced in the management of various skin/nail pathologies as well as diabetes foot care and nail surgery.

Dominic has a background in football and soccer and although he is currently no longer playing at a competitive level, he enjoys running, cycling and keeping fit and healthy.

Dominic Sano


Brad Dredge completed his Bachelor of Podiatry (BPod) at La Trobe University. Brad has completed significant further education in the area of foot biomechanics & sports injuries.

Brad has a particular interest in the area of sports podiatry, musculo-skeletal injuries and orthotic therapy. Brad enjoys the interactions he has with each of his patients and seeing their overall foot and leg health improve.

Brad enjoys fishing, running and playing football and cricket at a recreational level. He also enjoys the many tasty delights that the Fountain Gate food court has to offer.

Brad Dredge


Brad is an accredited Sports Scientist and Strength and Conditioning Coach. He has a Master of Exercise Science degree majoring in Strength and Conditioning and is currently studying a Doctor of Philosophy degree (Nutrition and Exercise) at Deakin University.

Brad has a wealth of experience in sports science field, especially with strength and conditioning and the rehabilitation of injuries. He has previously worked with professional sporting clubs such as the New Zealand Warriors (Sports Science Manager), the Sydney Roosters (Strength and Power Coach), and the Penrith Panthers (Wrestling Coach). Brad has also worked in Germany as a Sports Scientist and has had the privilege of acting as a consultant to various national and international teams on sports science related matters.

One area of interest for Brad is the use of electromyostimulation (EMS) as strength, conditioning and rehabilitation tool. EMS can be used to stimulate muscles to increase in size and/or become stronger. EMS is a wonderful addition to other therapies and may allow a person to maintain strength and muscle mass when injured.

Brad is also a former professional athlete, and was the 5th Australian to ever fight in the UFC. This is a major achievement, and we are fortunate to be able to share his wisdom about how to achieve excellence in one's given sport or activity.

Brad Morris

Sports Scientist / Strength and Conditioning Coach

Bec is one of our friendly faces that you will meet when visiting LifeStrong Chelsea. She is a local to the area, and is a key member of the Chelsea Baseball Club, after having represented Australia and Victoria in her chosen sport. She's always happy for a chat and to make sure that your LifeStrong experience is a positive one.

Bec Coombes

Reception / Admin

Julia has many strings to her bow among being our practice manager, including working as a Critical Care Registered Nurse in Box Hill Emergency Department and mother of three. We are very fortunate to have her overlooking the ongoings of our practice, as well as bringing her medical knowledge to the team. Please feel free to pop in and say hello - you'll always be received with a friendly smile.

Julia Beckman

Practice Manager

Boris Bones

Clinic Model / Physio Assistant

The Lifestrong Philosophy


We believe in focusing on what you can do, rather than what you can’t.


We always put our clients thoughts and feelings first, because we appreciate clients may be uncomfortable discussing their concerns.


Giving you control over your injury by working as a team, rather than letting the injury control you.


Achieving physical and emotional goals, rather than aimless pursuits of health.


We encourage all of our clients to be proactive, rather than reacting too late.


Treating each person as an individual, rather than recipe based management.

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